You've reached the AS development lab.

The putrid smell of bubbling concoctions stings your nasals. The lab should however serve as a safe haven for the meeting.

"Hail... I bid you greetings brethren.

You've done well up till now, but it will take all of your cunning wit and inner strength to overcome what lies ahead.

Trouble is brewing, and we're the last drop...

Some of you will not make it through and only one of you will gain the helm.

However, you may die now, or you can die later. Have you decided? Let's move!"

An epic battle is unfolding upon the horizon... A story of untold proportions and unsung heros. The life of a planet rests in the fragile balance of a broken people... So few against so many, so much is at stake, there is so much to loose. You must succeed.

We've begun development on our flagship PC/Xbox title slated for a 2003 release! Stay tuned for more details.